Pharm Origins Conolidine 1™

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Conolidine 1™ is a sublingual formula designed to support relief from daily aches and pains.

– Contains Pure, Extracted Alkaloids
– Supports Relief from Aches and Pains
– Easy Sublingual Administration


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Pharm Origins Conolidine 1™ is a sublingual formula designed to support relief from daily aches and pains. It consists of naturally occurring alkaloids originating from the Tabernaemontana divaricatathrough plant. We extract these alkaloids with our exclusive “Ethyl Extraction” process.

New Orange Flavor, Still 100% Natural 

Our orange flavoring adds a new dimension of taste without compromising on our “100% All-Natural” guarantee or Conolidine’s potent effects. New taste, same relief.

Born in the USA

Pharm Origins was founded and proudly based in the USA since 2011. We are headquartered out of Atlanta, Georgia. All of our products are formulated, tested, blended and packaged according to the strictest manufacturing standards right at our corporate headquarters ensuring the highest quality and performance.

100% Active Ingredients

Pharm Origins believes in ONLY putting scientifically tested ingredients in our formulas that have the potency to make a difference in human health. This means we do not add filler ingredients, flavors or low doses of ingredients simply to claim benefit. Every single product is formulated and tested with maximum human benefit in mind.

Use measured dropper and place 1ml under your tongue every 4-6 hours as needed for pain. Hold under your tongue for up to a minute for maximum absorption.

Pharm Origins utilizes a proprietary raw nutrient delivery system in order to provide our health enhancers in the most bioavailable state possible. This delivery method is scientifically proven to absorb 33% faster, giving your body the benefit it needs, quickly. This product is all natural, highly concentrated, contains no preservatives, flavors, or sweeteners which causes a strong taste.

25 reviews for Pharm Origins Conolidine 1™

  1. David Thompson

    I have fibromyalgia and have found conolidine and it really does help when nothing else, even bad drugs did. I try to keep a supple on hand. David Thompson

  2. don wiggs

    Great alternative to Norco and other opiods. Works well. I am very pleased with the results .Telling all my family who are suffering with pain. Keep spreading the relief please .Thank you for this product.

  3. Charles T Chambers Sr

    My Wife and I have been using Conolodine 1 for the past month. My wife has notice a improvement in her pain level. I on the other hand have had a small reduction in my pain. This is a great product for pain without taking those harsh Pain Pills the doctor likes to prescribe. I would reccomend this Product to anyone with Moderate to light pain. It is worth the price for what it does. Thank You PharmOrigins

  4. Stephen Randal Stokes

    I’m 68 years old now and my scoliosis has caught up with me over the last two years causing moderate to severe pain in my neck…sometimes so bad that I can’t get a decent night’s sleep. I spent way too much money seeing a Chiropractor last year so I had my doctor refer me to a really good outpatient physical therapy clinic where I learned a lot of stretching, exercising and breathing techniques and that helped me a lot…but I still had some bad nights. Nothing over the counter does anything at all…The doctor offered an opioid prescription but I don’t want to go there at all. I read a lot of health and medical newsletters and stumbled across an ad for Conolidine 750mg and ordered some. It tasted awful…but it really worked and it worked fast, too. When I read about the extra strength Clonidine I (1000mg) I ordered it right away. Not only does it do the trick, it has a new and improved citrus flavor so I don’t have to brush my teeth for ten minutes anymore. This is no hype…it really does work as well as Pharm Origin says it does…and I now sleep soundly every night. If you have joint pain or tensed up muscles from pain I highly recommend their products.

  5. Bob Calvert

    Since my last trip to Iraq and Afghanistan I had 7 surgeries. Three on my foot. Battling pain has been a challenge. I have been on many opiods over the past 7 years. Some months back I found out about Conolidine 1 and Conolidine RAW Powder. I am no longer on any opiod. Conolidine 1 and RAW Powder are not only relieving my pain but also gives me more energy and less fatigue. When I first heard about the new Conolidine 1 1000mg I was skeptical that it could be better than the 750 MG but it is. And the taste is much better. I will be taking Pharm Origin products probably for the remainder of my life.

  6. Doug Brester

    This stuff works conolidine really helps with the daily pain. I would tell anyone use this stuff out you have chronic pain.

  7. Lynn Kline

    I love conodline 1 , It has given me more pain relief than all the other meds. Etc. that I have taken over many years. I have only been able to buy one bottle at a time. I could not live without condoline 1. Thank you.

  8. Rick

    After a little burning, like menthol type, under the tounge, mouth goes numb for a few seconds….then within minutes,you realize, huh, no pain. Awesome before bed, sleeping all night uninterrupted.
    Would recommend!

  9. Jason

    I’ll admit I was very skeptical at first,but sure enough, leave it under your tongue long as u can(1min ideal) it burns at first but the pain relief I get is far greater than strong opioids I was on in past. Wish it was a little cheaper but I HIGHLY recommend Conolidine 1 to anyone like myself who has to suffer w chronic pain daily. Awesome product!!!! No side affects!!!!

  10. Patricia A Watson (verified owner)

    I’m lucky enough that I don’t need something for knee pain everyday BUT when I do, I’ve been taking Conolidine. It really takes the edge off. I won’t take drugs or aspirin so I’ve tried a number of natural herbs as well as Kratom & CBD oil. The Conolidine works better than the other things I’ve tried. I’m grateful to have found it!

  11. James Sawyer

    I have just started using conolidine 1. There is a bit of a sting when put under your tongue. I use a small piece of ice to be more comfortable. There is a new and stronger formula that is said to reduce the sting. I haven’t tried it yet.There is an almost immediate numbing of the tongue and gums.I have been using it to reduce joint pains. It definitely helps me to sleep better. And my problem joints are a bit better during the day.

  12. Helen Setterfield (verified owner)

    It arrived today. My husband is a porphyriac (combined type) and is in constant pain, although he is about 17 years past his expected life span.. His tendons in his right rotator cuff have been disconnecting and so the pain of lifting his arm was too much. He has been limping for several years now due to the pain.

    So he tried half a dose — .5 ml — to see if there were any bad effects for a porphyriac.

    At about the 45 second mark I asked him how he felt. I told me, “I feel calmer.” Then I asked him how his shoulder was and he raised his arm all the way up. And grinned. Then I asked him to walk into the next room and back.. He did. No limp. Giant grin. He is so happy I can’t begin to tell you. He has not been pain free without being totally drugged for years. Right now he is saying he feels not only more calm, but more alert.

    So we ordered three more bottles, to make sure we have a supply on hand. Amazing stuff. I’ll try it for my arthritis later — I have inherited paradoxic drug reactions, so this will be interesting. Most pain killers work, but hype me up enough to make me want to scrub down the house, inside and out. If we can avoid that, wow.

  13. Helen Setterfield (verified owner)

    There is no way to correct/edit my previous post. My husband took one half a ml, not a full one, just to set the record straight.

    • clint Winters

      No problem Helen, we were able to edit for you. Thank you so much for awesome review!

  14. Laurie Reynolds

    I started taking conolidine just a few weeks ago, and with the first dose my achey feet stopped aching. They weren’t exactly without some weird ‘touch’ sensitivity, but the aches and pains were gone! Now they are feeling pretty normal if I take a dose before I walk around. Makes me much more energetic.

  15. Valerie Hinds

    I must say once you get past the taste, it works awesome!! I have not had a pain killer work so well that did not leave you groggy. I will buy again and have already let a few of my friends try mine and they too have had positive results!! Thank you for coming up with this combination!!

  16. Harry Higinbotham

    My wife is in extreme pain to the point that morphine was the only thing that actually helped. She turned to CBD oil but found it not very effective. Then I found Conolodine. She was skeptical at first, but then she tried it and now she loves it and says it works WAY better than CBD oil, and it doesn’t cost as much.

  17. Ken

    I have nursed this bottle for over two months and I can really tell the results a positive. I had been on high dose narcotics for many years so I could work but since I can no longer work I weened of the narcotics in 2013 due to vicious side affects. I find Conolidine 1 to be everything it was advertised to be. Now to tighten my budget so I can buy more. It does work with no noticeable side affects and no interaction with all the many medications I am prescribed. Thank you for the hope of a better life style.

  18. Carol Reese

    I am using your product for low back pain and it is working
    what are the ingredients – specifically how much ethyl alcohol Is in each 1 ml dropper full of the liquid? I do not drink and feel inebriated

  19. John D. Norton

    I had suffered a severe car accident where my right knee was shattered and knee cap tendon torn off the shattered knee cap. The surgeon rebuilt the knee and attached the ruptured tendon. A year later a new knee was implanted and my tendon withdrew, even during physical therepy. I was left with a stiff leg and a permanent painful swollen tenfon tendon. I was on pain killers for about 3 years and stopped them. The only thing I could do is rub the hot constantly swollen knee with topical pain cream. I tried Conolidene 1 and found that it does almost eliminate my discomfort within about 15 minutes. I use it 2 to 3 times a day and am impressed very much with it. It foes work better for me than percoset.


    I’m lucky enough that I don’t need something for knee pain everyday BUT when I do, I’ve been taking Conolidine. It really takes the edge off. I won’t take drugs or aspirin so I’ve tried a number of natural herbs as well as Kratom & CBD oil. The Conolidine works better than the other things I’ve tried. I’m grateful to have found it!

  21. Freddie Owings

    Hi, I was a little doubtful about it be compared to morphine so I tried it on a pulled shoulder arm muscles for three days. All pain disappeared and never came back I had did the same thing to my other shoulder and it took about a year to heal with asprin and cold packs on daily basis. This could be a potent answer to chronic pain because it is so effective and is so safe with no side effects like addiction. I haven’t tried the extract but my experience with extracts they are even more potent then powders or caps. Amazing stuff!

  22. Michael Randall

    Conolidine 1 has help me control my pain and reduce my opioid consumption. Five months ago I was on 150mg. a day of a very strong opioid due to a bad knee, and blown out shoulder. After beginning use of Conolidine 1, I have reduce my opioid intake to 60mg. a day and on my way to zero. I can’t thank Pharm Origins enough. They have a great product that works well for me, and world class customer service. Thank you.

  23. Ron Mills

    Just one dropper of conolidine 1 under my tongue, & within 15 minutes my lower back pain is gone. It really works! I have ordered an additional 10 bottles, as I don’t want to run out. This conolidine 1 is an important pain reliever for me.

  24. Shirley J. Burk

    I am an 80 year lady. I have found relief from pain from osteoarthritis with the use of Conolidine 1 , that I was unable to find in prescription medicines!!I would encourage others to try this wonderful product!!Shirley J. Burk

  25. Blake gassaway

    I have an extremely bad back, there are herniated discs, degenerated discs, I also have had lumbar laminectomy’s in the past. I have brackets in place of both my heels, as I’ve shattered both from falls. Your Conolidine 1 product has helped lessen my pain immensely. My pain is more bearable after using the product. It is truly amazing. Thank You so much. Thanks; Blake G.

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