Fusion IONZ EMF Protect™

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The Fusion IONZ EMF Protect™ supports the healthy reduction of EMF Radiation being emitted from electronic devices.

– Naturally Emits Negative Ions
– FDA Registered Medical Device
– Supports Healthy Reduction of EMF Radiation
– One Size Fits All


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The Fusion IONZ EMF Protect™ is a FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device.

The Fusion IONZ EMF Protect™ has been designed and tested to emit a constant flow of Non Thermal FAR Infrared rays. These nourishing light rays also create a flow of negative ion antioxidants. Negative ions have been shown to help reduce positive ion air counts. Overall, the device is used to help reduce the negative effects of “device created” EMF radiation. EMF radiation, being emitted from your wireless phones and signal connected electronic devices is a form of positive ion, free radical damage. The Fusion IONZ ™ EMF Protect has been clinically tested to emit negative ion antioxidants to help reduce the effects of EMF radiation. The EMF Protect attaches directly to your EMF Generating Devices.


The EMF Protect™ is surgical grade silicone blended with our proprietary blend of FAR Infrared generating rare earth minerals.

Attach directly to an EMF generating electronic device. Double Sided tape is provided to attach the Protect insert. Larger devices may require multiple Protect inserts due to their size.


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