Pharm Origins Pepticin Plus

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Pharm Origins Pepticin Plus is an exclusive formula of peptides to support healthy digestion.

– Supports Healthy Digestion
– Supports Daily Energy
– Promotes Strong Metabolism


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Pharm Origins Pepticin Plus has been designed to support healthy digestion. Made with the purest natural salmon peptides, Pepticin Plus supports the relief of stomach discomforts.

Born in the USA

Pharm Origins was founded and proudly based in the USA since 2011. We are headquartered out of Atlanta, Georgia. All of our products are formulated, tested, blended and packaged according to the strictest manufacturing standards right at our corporate headquarters ensuring the highest quality and performance.

100% Active Ingredients

Pharm Origins believes in ONLY putting scientifically tested ingredients in our formulas that have the potency to make a difference in human health. This means we do not add filler ingredients, flavors or low doses of ingredients simply to claim benefit. Every single product is formulated and tested with maximum human benefit in mind.

Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, take 5 level sccops once daily preferably before a primary meal (lunch or dinner). Can be mixed into water, juice, smoothie, or any liquid of your choosing.

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  1. Mary Caroline Nobbe

    PharmOrigins’ products will amaze anyone with near to death health issues. Having been poisoned by the presence of meth production next door to me for over a year, I have been on the necessary trek to detox my body continuously. My elimination systems closed down after 2 months of exposure, so I am extremely grateful for “Pepticin”. This is the most comfortable, efficient, and easy elimination product on the market! It is already mixed up for one’s immediate use, and the elimination process is gentle, so there is no sudden embarrassing public moment! It is also affordable, as opposed to products of much smaller portion that are even more expensive. It works! I recommend all of their products, as well. The best, the purest, and more carefully put together than a pill, which will not break down very speedily, if at all, in the inflamed physique.

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