Pharm Origins: RAW Nutrient Delivery

I’m Clint Winters, CEO of the Pharm Origins family of brands.

One of the pillars of our success has been our dedication to RAW Nutrient Delivery.

We only deliver our “highly effective” formulas in RAW powders or liquids.

Why? It is all because of our extensive research.

RAW nutrients absorb at a rate of 99% VS pills and capsules which absorb at 20% or less.

So, when you look at a Pharm Origins label, you know that nearly 100% of the nutrients will be absorbed into the body for quick and effective health support.

Not to mention, you get full nutrient transparency – You actually SEE what you are ingesting.

Nothing is hidden in pill.

Remember, with Pharm Origins you are #JustGettingStarted

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  1. Ralph Conn says:

    My question is, how do I stop taking the opoids? It states on the scripts do not stop as withdrawal could be severe. I take both extended and immediate release drugs. What do you recommend?

  2. Ralph Conn says:

    I am confused about the answer you sent me. I read in your brochure that people are able to stop the prescription drugs. How do they do it? I am interested in doing that to but want to be sure I do correctly..please give me your suggestions. Thanks, Ralph Conn

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